For Tax Reasons Goes To Genericon

February 11th-13th, Matt and I will be all up in Troy, New York for GENERICON XXIV!

For Tax Reasons Goes To Genericon

48 straight hours of sci-fi, anime, and gaming (of the video, table and live action varieties).  Of course, like any self-respecting convention, there will be PANELS PANELS PANELS!

We’ll be running two of the previously exclaimed panels.  A how-to animate panel- where we’ll discuss producing independent shorts, the creative process and showcasing work.  As well as a screening and Q&A panel- where we’ll take on all the scathing questions and criticisms the viewing public has been too afraid to voice over the internet.  And as a special surprise† we’ll be screening our never released Ronin Dojo Community College DX cartoon!

Go to for more details.  We’ll be chilling there all weekend, and should have a table up. So if you’re in the NY area, come around and hang out.

†no longer a surprise, specialty withstanding

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4 Responses to For Tax Reasons Goes To Genericon

  1. t-money heyyyyy

    robo #1

  2. Ben

    YES! I think you’re the first non-spam comment we’ve ever had.

    Robo is the best, and I’m not talking about the guy who drummed for Black Flag and the Misfits. Though I’m sure he’s good in his own category.

  3. Stephen "RubberOnion" Brooks

    Ah, Troy, NY… the last decent stop on the interstate before Mass. Enjoy! Take pictures! Use Flickr!

  4. omg

    That’s so epic!