For Tax Reasons goes country

Bounty HuntersWe created a show!  And not a puppet show for Matt and I to perform with action figures for our grandparents- a TV show.  (Though we’re up for doing action figure puppet shows if anyone is interested.)

CMT ordered 13 eps of Bounty Hunters- an animated show that Matt and I created along with the talented Glenn Clements.  It stars Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Larry the Cable Guy as bumbling bounty hunters, with Lisa Lampanelli voicing their bossy bondswoman.  Alliteration sells, people.  You can read all about it in CMT’s press release or on this fancy Hollywood website.

I’m assuming that, in success, CMT will also be announcing their name change from Country Music Television to Cartoon Music Television.  I haven’t seen a press release for that yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

Thanks to everyone for the congrats!

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  1. Matt Myers

    Awesome to hear guys, I know you’ve been busy with a lot of things, and I’m happy to see you guys not just working on a show but having your very own. Good luck in your new show guys!

    -Matt M