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Lice Guys Bathe Last!

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Do you like zombies?  Do you like body bugs?  Do you still have power following the events of Hurricane Sandy?  If so, then you should check out tonight’s episode of Level Up!   An outbreak of video game head lice threaten to turn the whole town into scalp obsessed zombies.  Just in time for Halloween!  Written by Matt and myself, along with the spooky Level Up writing staff.  Directed by Alex Winter.

Steven Universe!

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Matt and I are excited to announced that Cartoon Network announced it’s new show – STEVEN UNIVERSE.  It’s the brain baby of the amazingly talented Rebecca Sugar and we’re lucky enough to be writing on it.  Also on board are the splendiferous Ian Jones-Quartey and Steven Sugar.  Can’t show any pictures yet, so I’ll post the first thing that comes up in Google Image Search – a close up of Stephen Hawking’s eyes looking at what I’m assuming is the …