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Level Up!

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We’ve got big news to break the over half a year of no updates.  Matt and I are now staff writers on the TV show Level Up- a new live-action series from Cartoon Network.  And you all thought we were just laying around eating Cheetohs and using our Cintiqs as doorstops the whole time.  Wrong!  Well, the Cheetohs part is kinda true. From the Level Up TV Movie The show isn’t on the air yet, but I’ll give you a …

Post-Con Withdrawal

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Genericon reminded me that anime conventions are awesome.  It was like being at a giant sleepover.  Everyone was hanging out, watching movies, playing games, discussing the finer points of the Final Fantasy legacy. And just like most sleepovers, nearly everyone came dressed up as cartoon characters. Matt and I were featured guests at the con.  We hosted a couple panels, one of which being a “how-to” on animation.  I guess Matt and I harbor a lot of deep seated rage …