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Level Up

Lice Guys Bathe Last!

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Do you like zombies?  Do you like body bugs?  Do you still have power following the events of Hurricane Sandy?  If so, then you should check out tonight’s episode of Level Up!

An outbreak of video game head lice threaten to turn the whole town into scalp obsessed zombies.  Just in time for Halloween!  Written by Matt and myself, along with the spooky Level Up writing staff.  Directed by Alex Winter.

Tonight on Level Up: Invizio’s Revenge

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Tonight @ 8/7c on Cartoon Network, it’s all new episode of Level Up!

In this episode, the gang finds themselves “haunted” by a particularly “spooky” leak who’s “spirit” is — Look, it’s about ghosts.

It’s Invizio’s Revenge!  Written by us, Matt Burnett & Ben Levin, along with the awesome writing staff: Peter Murrieta, Dave Schneiderman, Derek Guiley, Matt Goldman and Julie Whitesell.  And the episode was directed by the legend himself, Alex Winter.

I haven’t been great about updating when an episode of ours is airing.  This will be the last one Matt and I wrote for Season One.  But there’s still more sweet Level Up-ness to come, and then of course Season Two!