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Bounty Hunters Is On The Air!

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There’s a new post over on Ben’s blog featuring some new RDCCDX artwork.  Peep that ish.

Rough RDCCDX Poster

The artwork is still in it’s sketch form, but will soon be evolving into it’s inked and then colored forms.  Maybe even a poster or two if we get the Merch Gym Badges.  Gotta go wander around in the grass looking for some battles first.

In other news, our pal Matt Myers, the curator of our RDCCDX Facebook Fanpage, made a nifty little Season 1 Opening Credits sequence out of all our RDCCDX vids.  Totally awesome.  Watch it here.

Can it be TRUE?!

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For Tax Reasons Suspense!

By now the rumors have surely spread across the internet.  Everyone from Perez to alt.shittywebartists.fortaxreasons has been wondering what has happened to For Tax Reasons?

Today, we are resurfacing to set the facts straight.  We would like to announce, that with the release of StarCraft 2, For Tax Reasons is officially shutting down. . .

SYKE! We were working on projects that couldn’t really go on the internets, but we’ll be back soon with some fun stuff.  So hold tight!


Is that the accepted spelling of SYKE?  What is it- Psyche? Sike? Send your suggestions to

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