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Bring in da noise! Bring in da hate!

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We got a little blast from the past this week on Youtube.  Boing Boing is Curator of the Month on Youtube, and the ever sage Xeni Jardin was nice enough to put the For Tax Reasons episode of BoingBoingTV at numero 11 on their list of Boing Boing’s most “favorite-d” vids.  The video is three years old now, and boy do we look young.  And Ben looks fat.  But it was great to have it featured again, and it brought us some fun new traffic.  We’ve been regularly getting hate comments on our old GOP PSA’s, but we got some new flack to add to IM IN UR MANGER KILLING UR SAVIOR.Keep ‘em coming- we’re almost at 1 million views!

Meanwhile we’re working on revamping the Ronin Dojo Community College DX character library, so hopefully we’ll have some new stuff soon.  Keep checking on the progress.

If you’re in Louisiana!

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For Tax Reasons will be appearing on the Popmedia Primecast tonight.  So if you’re in Louisiana, tune your dials to KANE Radio AM 1240 at 1:00AM/12:00C.  We’ll be chatting with Dom and Dusty about. . . something geeky.

If you’re not in the area the show will be online, in podcast form, on their website- HERE.

We’ll get some sugar in us and try not to embarrass ourselves.