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Thanks Amurica

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Thanks to everyone who’s been tuning in to Level Up and liking/retweeting/sharing our shameless plugs.  Last Tuesday, an episode written by Matt and me aired: A Heart-Worming Tail.  Maximum pun-age there.  If you missed it, here’s a clip.

The episode came out great and so did the ratings.  Beatnik finger snaps to everyone involved.  Thanks for making the jokes look good- especially the subtle Shawhank homage.

And if you catch the text on the cat poster, you’ll see a second nod to Andy Dufresne and Red. Another piece of Level Up trivia: the “leak” in this episode (the Morthorn Worm) was named after Kip Thorne and Mike Morris; the physicists to first demonstrate the possibility of traversable wormholes…  Not that we expected anyone to notice that, but when it comes to naming things it’s fun to throw that kind of stuff in there.  SCIENCE!

Thanks again to everyone who watched, everyone involved and our fellow humorists on the Level Up writing staff who also penned all the light-hearted calamity.  Keep watching the show for more jokes, sci-fi hijinks and obscure references.

It’s time to Level Up!

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Tuesday, January 24th @ 8pm/7c on Cartoon Network- the series premiere of Level Up!

This is the show Matt and I have been writing for over the last year.  If you haven’t read any of the other posts on this site, then let me educate your brain.  It’s about high school kids battling video game creatures that leak out of the internet.  It’s got gaming, monsters, medieval weirdos, sci-fi stuff and as many jokes as we could legally cram into a half hour.

Man, a few times we went over the legal joke limit and the joke police broke down the doors to the writer’s room and dragged all of us downtown.  Most of the joke police are officers who’ve been kicked out of the fashion police for being too snarky- so you know they’re tough.  And they won’t think twice about telling you that your socks clash with your neon green fedora.  I gotta stop wearing that fedora.  They’re right, it doesn’t go with anything.

Tune in tomorrow and next week too.  Gaelan, Jessie, Connor, Aimee, Lonny and the rest of the cast are hilarious.