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Bounty Hunters Is On The Air!

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Mark Your Calendars!

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Wednesday, November 23rd 7/6C- The WORLD PREMIERE of the Level Up movie on Cartoon Network!

This is will be your first look at the show I’ve been writing on this year. Be sure to check it out, or at least peruse all the vids they have up on the Cartoon Network site and Facebook.

Below is a link to a little behind the scenes sneak peek:

It’s the Level Up movie! Just in time for TV Oscar season.

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Here’s a trailer for Level Up- Cartoon Network’s brand new TV movie coming in November.  Matt and I did not work on this, but we’ve been writing on the Level Up TV series that’s to follow.  If you enjoy all For Tax Reasons videos (video game jokes, nerds in action sequences, Gary Gygax references, etc.) then you’ll probably dig this.

The trailer the Level Up movie

Click to view the trailer for the Level Up movie