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Level Up!

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We’ve got big news to break the over half a year of no updates.  Matt and I are now staff writers on the TV show Level Up- a new live-action series from Cartoon Network.  And you all thought we were just laying around eating Cheetohs and using our Cintiqs as doorstops the whole time.  Wrong!  Well, the Cheetohs part is kinda true.

From the Level Up TV Movie

The show isn’t on the air yet, but I’ll give you a little background.  Level Up is comedy/action TV show about four friends who must battle monsters that are leaking out of their favorite video game and into the real world.  Each week they have to deal with a villainous creature, or help a video game character who’s stranded IRL, all while tackling everyday high school stuffs.  The premise is right up the nerdy alley Matt and I hang out in.

Within a week of getting this job, Matt and I were hauling ass across America in a Honda Civic I permanently borrowed from my sister; moving our lives from Astoria, Queens to Los Angeles, Los Angeles.  It was a bummer to leave New York, but the show tons of fun and everyone involved is super talented.  Like I said, it has yet to air; everything is still in production.  However at some point in the near days of future past, Cartoon Network will be rolling out a Level Up TV movie followed by a hot stack of half hour episodes.  So check back for updates on when you can watch it.

Post-Con Withdrawal

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Genericon reminded me that anime conventions are awesome.  It was like being at a giant sleepover.  Everyone was hanging out, watching movies, playing games, discussing the finer points of the Final Fantasy legacy.

The Great Final Fantasy Debate- hosted by Anime World Order

And just like most sleepovers, nearly everyone came dressed up as cartoon characters.

A pair of Gurren Lagann cosplayers who were also fans! So cool.

Matt and I were featured guests at the con.  We hosted a couple panels, one of which being a “how-to” on animation.  I guess Matt and I harbor a lot of deep seated rage towards animation because it spiraled into “the worst motivational speech ever”.  We had to make sure people knew what they were getting into!  Don’t worry, there was a happy ending.

Matt with a 100 Sided Die!

Regardless of any dismal tirades, we had a great time.  Got to meet some fans and hang out with some awesome peoples: Daryl, Clarissa and Gerald from Anime World Order, Alain and Kate from Reverse Thieves, Erin and Noah- the Ninja Consultants, Ed Chavez from Vertical and Walter Amos to name a few.

Big thanks to Evan Minto for hooking us up with this awesome event.  He may in fact be one of the nicest guys ever.  To Dominic Difranzo for being an organizational mastermind who made sure Matt and I were well accommodated whilst away from home.  To all of the staff, especially everyone who gave us rides because we were babies and couldn’t hike through the snow.  To Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for hosting the entire event. And of course, thanks to everyone who came out to our panels or stopped by our table. You’re all the best.